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Data Science for non-Data Scientists

This unique 5-day training will teach business users how to explore, analyze and visualize (their) business data with powerful self-service tools

Data Science for non-Data Scientists – mode of study

Option 1: 5-day public training
Option 2: In-company training

Data Science for non-Data Scientists – why?

Data analytics has become critical for many business decision makers. With new, powerful and affordable tools available on the market, more and more business people are finding they are empowered to do something intelligent with their data. As a result, many businesses already have a number of valuable super users. Their hybrid role bridges the gap between the high level, technical data scientist and the more business-oriented data discovery analyst.

In this unique 5-day training you gain the expertise and skills to perform some of the analytics functions that have been traditionally reserved for data scientists.

Data scientists – worldwide shortage

The demand for data scientists continues to grow beyond supply. Companies of all kinds are feeling the acute shortage of trained data scientists today. Empowering business people to do much of the data analysis themselves allows the highly trained data scientist to focus on the things that require specific expertise.

As a business user/non-data scientist you can succeed in this critical position, but only if you are empowered with the right processes and tools. You need to be able to analyze the data without having extensive technical knowledge of the underlying IT applications and infrastructure. Self-service data preparation and advanced analytical tools will provide you with the ability to perform the critical task of combining big data with your organization's issues and opportunities. The growing number of powerful self-service tools available on the market, makes this possible.

Who should attend this data science training?

Is your primary job function outside the field of statistics and analytics? Do you have a line-of-business role, are you a business analyst, data analyst or a member of the Business Intelligence (BI) or IT team? Do you want to practise the self-service data preparation capabilities of SAS and the ease of use of advanced analytics in exploring and visualizing data? Then this is the training for you!

We have developed a unique 5-day curriculum to specifically address the training needs of non-data scientists/business users. If you are willing to learn new methods and use new tools, regardless of whether or not you currently use SAS software, then join this 5-day training for the non-data scientist.


As a participant of the Data Science for non-Data Scientists training you should have a solid business domain knowledge and be familiair with working with data. No programming knowledge is required. No prior SAS experience is needed. A basic understanding of statistics and the willingness to learn is all you need. We will provide access to on-line learning material prior to the training to help you get started.

What will you learn?

After this 5-day training you will be able to perform the main data-related tasks for the non-data scientist using the point-and-click capabilities of SAS Visual Analytics: data access and data manipulation, data exploration using analytics, and building predictive models. You will learn how to:

  • load data from different formats
  • prepare data for analysis
  • analyze data using effective data visualization
  • build and compare data mining tools

Number of participants

Due to the interactive character of this training and to optimize the benefits you derive from various exercises, we keep the number of participants limited.

Level of the training

The Data Science for non-Data Scientists training is held on a bachelor level.


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Data Science for non-Data Scientists – in-company

With at least 5 delegates an in-house training could be your best choice. An in-company training has several advantages. It:

  • saves you time and money
  • enables you to train in the comfort of your own working environment
  • Will take place at a date chosen by and convenient for you
  • Sensitive issues can be openly discussed because there are no outsiders present

Do you prefer an in-house training? Please call us at +31 (0)40 246 0220 or send an e-mail to info@imfacademy.com to discuss the possibilities.



Data Science - introduction

  • The era of abundance
  • Big data explained
  • Data analysis overview

Statistics - introduction

  • Examining data distributions
  • Obtaining and interpreting sample statistics
  • Examining data distributions graphically
  • Using exploratory data analysis
  • Producing correlations
  • Fitting a simple linear regression model

Getting started with Visual Analytics

  • Exploring SAS Visual Analytics concepts
  • Using the SAS Visual Analytics home page
  • Discussing the course environment and scenario

Using Visual Analytics Explorer

  • Examining SAS Visual Analytics Explorer
  • Selecting data and defining data item properties
  • Creating visualizations
  • Enhancing visualizations with analytics
  • Interacting with visualizations and explorations

Examining Visual Data Builder

  • Exploring SAS Visual Data Builder
  • Creating simple queries

Creating complex queries in Visual Data Builder

  • Importing data using SAS Visual Data Builder
  • Creating calculated columns and filtering data
  • creating advanced queries

Advanced topics for Visual Data Builder

  • Accessing user-defined formats

Using the Explorer and Designer to load data

  • Using the Explorer and Designer to import data
  • Using the Explorer and Designer to create calculated columns

Cluster segmentation

  • Understanding segmentation
  • Using cluster analysis

Models with continuous targets

  • Managing projects and models
  • Using linear regression models
  • Using generalized linear models

Models with categorical targets

  • Using logistic regression
  • Using decision trees

Model comparison and assessment

  • Comparing models
  • Scoring models

You will be able to put your knowledge into practice with real-world, scenario-based examples.

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Your trainers are all leaders in big data and analytics.

Start date(s)

The Data Science for non-Data Scientists training consists of 5 days. The training will take place near Amsterdam (the Netherlands) on the following dates:

Please keep an eye on our website for new starting dates or request our brochure so we can inform you about the new starting dates asap!

Fee / Registration

The fee for the 5-day training Data Science for non-Data Scientists is € 3.575 (VAT excl.) per person. The fee includes all lunches, coffee/tea and the (online) training materials.

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Terms & Conditions
In the event that you wish to transfer your booking to a later Data Science for non-Data Scientists training (if possible), you must notify us at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the booked training. In case you are not able to attend at all, delegate substitution may be made, without any additional costs being charged. Cancellations will be accepted up to 10 working days prior to the starting date of the Data Science for non-Data Scientists training. In this case we will invoice 5% of the training fee for administration costs. For cancellations after 10 working days before the start of the training, you will have to pay the full training fee. All cancellations must be received in writing.

Payment of course fees must be received within 30 days of the invoice date, though always before the start of the course.

Data Science for non-Data Scientists

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