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Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation certification

3-day course preparing you for the Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation certificate, the industry's first vendor-independent IoT certification

Internet of Things (IoT) – mode of study

Option 1: Public 3-day certification course
Option 2: In-house course

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

Today there are several definitions for Internet of Things (IoT), but there is no single standard definition that is used by all organizations. In simple words, Internet of Things (IoT) describes a system in which items in the physical world (such as physical devices, vehicles and home appliances) containing sensors are connected with each other through the Internet via wireless and wired Internet connections in order to exchange data. Internet of Things (IoT) is a digital technology revolution that is even bigger than the industrial revolution!

What is the potential of Internet of Things (IoT)?

In the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace, the services related to those connected items help reap more value for businesses. Internet of Things (IoT) opens the door for new business opportunities and helps organizations benefit from new revenue streams developed by advanced business models and services. IoT-driven innovation builds strong business cases, reduces time to market and increases the return on investments. Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform the way consumers and businesses approach the world by leveraging the scope of Internet of Things (IoT) beyond connectivity. Are you interested in knowing what Internet of Things (IoT) could contribute to your organization, then attend this inspiring Internet of Things (IoT) certification course!

Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation – the industry's first IoT certification

The Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation course covers the concepts, technology, and key components of IoT. It explains the business perspectives of Internet of Things (IoT) including the advantages of early adoption and monetization models. It further explains the enabling technologies. Several scenarios describe the use cases and applications of Internet of Things (IoT) that result in smart applications and services to inspire your organization making the move to Internet of Things (IoT). This Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation course also provides future insights in IoT and forecasts the status of the connected world in 2020.

Internet of Things (IoT) – what will you learn?

As a participant of the Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation course you will be able to understand:

  • The concepts and terminologies of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • New devices and interfaces that are driving Internet of Things (IoT) growth
  • Business perspectives of IoT (advantages of early adoption of IoT technologies)
  • Implications of Internet of Things (IoT) for your business
  • The role of enabling technologies for Internet of Things (IoT), such as Cloud Computing and Big Data
  • Security and governance issues with Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Future growth opportunities of Internet of Things (IoT) in the coming years

Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation – target group

This 3-day Internet of Things (IoT) business perspectives course is most interesting for business and management professionals including a.o. C-level executives and senior management, business development managers, IT project and programme managers, risk managers, IT service managers, business analysts, marketing and sales executives, consultants, and professionals in IT service related fields.

About the Cloud Credential Council (CCC)

The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) is an international member-based organization mandated to drive cloud readiness through effective competence development. The CCC has established critical cloud certifications for key IT roles in order to cultivate cloud-ready IT professionals. The Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation certification is the newest course and certification of this independent and vendor-neutral certification body.

Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation – exam

The Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation exam is a closed book, multiple-choice exam containing 40 questions (1 mark per question), which must be completed within 60 minutes. Non-native candidates receive 15 minutes additional time for completing the exam. The pass grade is 65%. The exam will take place on the third and last training day.

Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation – course material

You will receive the official Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation course book and presentation slides.

Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation – lab activities

The IoT Foundation course contains 2 lab exercises which will allow you to get hands-on experience in creating simulated devices and deploy IoT applications using Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation – prerequisites

We recommend basic knowledge of internet concepts, cloud computing characteristics, big data concepts, and networking concepts.

Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation – laptop required

A laptop with wireless capability is required during all Internet of Things (IoT) training days.

Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation – level of the course

This Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation course will be held on a Bachelor level.

Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation – limited number of participants

This interactive and thought provoking Internet of Things (IoT) course includes group discussions, case scenarios and lab activities to allow you to experience IoT applications and module end questions. To optimize the benefits of this Internet of Things (IoT) course for all participants, the number of participants is limited.


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Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation – in-company

With at least 5 persons, an in-company course on Internet of Things (IoT) could be your best choice. Are you interested? Please call us at +31 (0)40 246 02 20 or send an e-mail to info@imfacademy.com to discuss the possibilities.



IoT concepts and terminologies

  • Internet, things and IoT
  • IoT types, history and evolution of IT
  • Cyber-physical systems and differences among Internet of Everything (IoE), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and IoT
  • Facts and figures around IoT and IoT application areas

Business orientation

  • Drivers of IoT
  • Benefits of a connected world
  • IoT business: opportunities, benefits and challenges
  • IoT monetization strategies and models

Basic building blocks of IoT architecture

  • Architecture of IoT components
  • Network protocols within IoT

Enabling technologies of IoT + lab activities

  • Role of social media and mobility in IoT
  • Define Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Things (SMACT)
  • Role of Big Data and Analytics in IoT
  • Role of Cloud Computing in IoT

IoT security and top governance issues

  • IoT security challenges
  • Causes of IoT security breaches
  • IoT security risks

IoT case studies and future predictions

  • IoT usage scenarios
  • IoT growth perspectives
  • IoT future predictions

Exam preparation
The Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation exam

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This trainer of this 3-day Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation course is a Cloud Credential Council (CCC) accredited and very experienced IoT instructor.

Start date(s)

The Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation course consists of 3 days and will take place near Utrecht (The Netherlands) on the following dates:

  • 15 - 17 March 2021
  • 27 - 29 September 2021

Fee / Registration

The fee of the 3-day Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation course is € 2,980 (VAT excl.) The fee includes all lunches, coffee/tea, the official IoT Foundation book (value € 150), presentation slides and the costs of the Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation exam (value € 190).

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Terms and Conditions
In case you are not able to attend, delegate substitution may be made up until 3 days before the start date of the Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation course without any additional charge.

Cancellations will be accepted up to 30 days prior to the starting date of the Internet of Things (IoT) training. We will invoice 10% of the training fee for administration costs. For cancellations between 30 and 15 days before the start of the training, we will charge 50% of the training fee. If you cancel within 15 days before the start of the Internet of Things (IoT) training, you have to pay 100% of the training fee.

All cancellations must be received in writing.

Payment of course fees must be received within 30 days of the invoice date, though always before the start of the course.

Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation certification

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